Gary Catrambone

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It is my pleasure to recommend Colin Rafferty as I have a unique perspective on his abilities and experience.

I met Colin when he was seven years old. Even at that age, he was one of those rare individuals that recognized a goal and set out to achieve that goal without consideration of failure.

At that time, he attended a family wedding where I performed and he set out to start and grow his own disc jockey company.

Focused on learning the trade and the equipment, by the time he reached middle school, he became Delran’s local DJ that performed at a majority of events from school events to local fundraisers.

He continued to use his thirst for learning the proper use of all things technical to become the “go to” guy in both middle school and high school to run everything from theatrical sound and lights to AV equipment for teachers when they “couldn’t get the tech stuff to work.”

But, Colin saw a bigger purpose to his drive and experience. Before he was officially involved, Colin started volunteering with the Delran Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) to assist when they needed sound, computer, and almost anything else. He co-produced Delran’s first Winter Festival with Councilman Tyler Burrell in December of 2017 raising the event from a 100-person micro-event to the first town-wide, 2,000-person event focused on winter activities.

In January of 2018, at the age of 17, the Township Council appointed Colin to the RAC and he continues to show leadership and a propensity for finding the solution to many diverse problems.

Colin has shown that he has the ability and determination to be successful, grow his sphere of influence and serve his community, I highly recommend Colin Rafferty.

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