Delran High School “Fab Lab”

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The Innovation and Fabrication Laboratory is set to open in 2019 at Delran High School. This is going to be a center for kids of all ages to learn, innovate, create, and play through off the shelf technology and electronic tools directly used in the industry. High-tech software programs will also be used to help kids from k-12  build a large knowledge as well as a career in the array of STEM fields. But it just doesn’t stop at K-12 Delran School District plans on partnering with Rowan at Burlington County College and it will allow students to get dual credits while in high school. “The Digital Fabrication Laboratory is not just for K-12 Delran students; we are partnering through the ecosystem model with (Rowan College at Burlington County) Perkins Center for the Arts. We are really trying to grow and expand any offerings that are going to be able to affect and bring our community into this space and create a sustainable funding stream,” For more information Visit

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