School Board Election Results

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I would like to thank all of the residents of Delran for such a large turnout at the polls this election! I’m truly honored to be elected a member of the Delran Board of Education. It is time for a new generation of leaders to step up! Election results mean nothing unless you back them up; I will remain a trusted member of this wonderful community who elected me. My energy level and drive will remain high throughout my 3-year term. Once again, thank you Delran!



SCHOOL BOARD 2018W1D1W1D2W1D3W1D3W1D4W1D5W1D6TotalW2D1W2D2W2D3W2D4W2D4W2D5W2D6TotalW3D1W3D2W3D3W3D4W3D5W3D6TotalTotal
Mark Oberg6611973711436713667591138186959592146843132153219158157728912409
Amy Rafanello9015310910917910018492412521623112012010719011091692232761992059211643197
Colin Rafferty87162871001791001488631041882269898961709801741932301812128610762919
Glenn Kitley7110245441386512258761129149858573110692145149198143132608272106
Dawn Flanagan1111761251342171181851066138234264128128119238124920923729520824011413033618



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