Keeping Delran’s Students Safe

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Every school in the district is now armed with a K.D. National Force Security & Investigations, LLC. Security Guard. And the Board has continued to fund a District Security Manager, staffed by a former law enforcement officer as well as a District Security Specialist who, by law, is a practicing school administrator. I applaud the School Board for making these efforts to secure our schools, but more needs to be done.

Security Cameras do help after an issue or crime, but security software will help prevent these issues before or at the time of  the issue. I believe that all of schools are secured with a Security Guard, and it gives a great relief to families that their children are safe. But, each  school has many exits and they aren’t monitored, especially in the middle and high schools. I want to incorporate technology with our security guards, a monitoring software, which is important if not more important than an guard on site. It will keep every door shut and guarantee that you know when and who enters the building each and every day; It also has a visitor software which streamlines the visitor sign-in process. Technology is taking over and is the best option to protect our schools 365 days.

The school will be receiving a grant funded by the Burlington County Freeholders and the board has  also budgeted more for security improvements for the 2018-2019 school year. I want to make sure the funding and tax dollars are spent to best advance our school districts security.

I’ve done months of research and gathered data, and just graduating I have the inside vision from the student and teachers perspective.  I will bring these fresh and new ideas to the school board.

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