Getting Colin Elected Means

Getting Leadership & Honesty

Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!

Colin's Goals


Colin wants to build a bridge between the Delran Township Council and the Delran Board of Education, work on improving the school district website, and livestream meetings to improve communication to the residents that aren’t able to attend meetings. As a past student representative of the District Technology Committee, Colin understands where the communication would tend to lack, and looking forward to present those ideas to the school board.

School Safety

 As a prior student, Colin understands and knows areas of the school that aren’t monitored or locations that can be vulnerable. Colin wants to work along side of the District Security Advisor and the Private Security Firm to secure our Schools. Voting Colin Rafferty November 6th will insure that will we have young leadership & a transparent member bringing new and fresh ideas to the Delran Board of Education.

Tax Relief

Colin wants to make sure the school district’s budget has been throughly audited, and balances the needs of the school against the responsiveness of our residents.

Why Choose Colin?

Colin has demonstrated again and again his leadership skills to the Delran Community. Being able to delegate tasks, dealing with forces out of his control, and setting laser-sharp priorities. Colin owns his own Sound & Lighting Production Company, that has helped Colin with these skills, leadership, dedication, and communication.
Colin has lived in Delran his entire life and continues to find more way to have a strong community presence. From being a committee member on the Delran Recreational Advisory Committee to working with young children and teens teaching them the technical side of theatre.
Business team working on their business project together at offi
Dedication means a lot to Colin, and can’t stress enough how important it is to everything you may get involved in. Colin uses 100% effort on each and every task that is put forth in front of him. Using every resource possible to complete it, and makes sure to take advise a long the way.

Contact Colin

Phone: 856.359.4517

P.O. Box #1223
Delran, NJ, 08075 , US

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